Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Harbi's Viewing

Yesterday afternoon the TV Production teacher and I went to Harbi's viewing. It was heartbreaking. The local NBC station has done a news story on Harbi. Vanchung is another of the students in our TV class.

Monday, April 28, 2008

In Memory of Harbi Adam

It's been a while since I updated my blog, I know. I figured I'd posted so much last time I blogged that people would have plenty to read without being overwhelmed with new posts. But something happened Sunday morning that has prompted me to want to write on my blog again. Early Sunday morning, one of my students in our Television Production class, Harbi, and his friend went to a house party in Falls Church, Virginia. Apparently he called another of the students in the TV class around 3:30 in the morning. This student was sleeping and didn't answer the call. Harbi and his friend were on their way into the house and the party at about 4:00 am when a group of guys came up and started a fight. The group of kids pulled out a knife and stabbed Harbi and his friend. Harbi died at the hospital. His friend, as far as we know, is still in the hospital and last we heard he had gone into cardiac arrest. Harbi was one of the sweetest, nicest kids I've ever met. He would tell you that he was lazy, but he was also very smart. His greatest ambition at this point in his life was to meet girls. :-) That was probably what prompted him to go to the party. He was a really good kid. He was tall, about 6'2" and had this charming, kind of bashful smile that would melt your heart. He was funny and although he was kind of quiet in class and seemed a little shy, he had an underlying confidence that was endearing. He reminded me in some ways of my younger brother - in his mannerisms and temperament. We all met as a class today to talk about him and we cried as we realized how much we're going to miss him. He was a Senior at J.E.B. Stuart High School. He would have graduated in about four weeks. Harbi, we loved you and we're going to miss you a lot.