Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Alaska at Last

Sigh...so I'm finally getting settled in Fairbanks. I had a little bit of an adventure getting here because I volunteered to give up my seat because they unexpectedly were overbooked by 20 people. (they had mechanical problems with our plane and sent a smaller one.) I got a free ticket out of it, which is nice! Anyway, I finally arrived in Fairbanks at about 9:00 at night on Thursday. My first couple nights I stayed at the Regency Hotel. It was nice. It had a kitchenette so I was able to fix my own food. On Friday I took my drug test and we're still waiting for the results so I haven't been able to drive. I'm going a little stir crazy but my results should be in by tomorrow, hopefully. At least I have time to study up on my tour material. If only I would!! Anyway, I'm so excited to be here. Now I just can't wait to start driving!


-jules said...

Rachel, You never came to visit me in Key West. Shame on you! Maybe I should go visit YOU in Alaska!

Sara Sp said...

Rachel, it was nice to look at your pics of England and read all about your trip. Sounds like you had a ton of fun!!!