Saturday, December 27, 2008


Wow, it's been forever since I updated this. Do I start every blog post with that? Probably. Anyway, so Christmas was basically awesome. Our whole family was together this year. It was CRAZY! But it was crazy fun! Everyone left yesterday and it was sad. Our house is so quiet now. My sister and her baby live here so at least they're still around. My niece is so funny to watch! Especially when she gets tired like she is right now. Seriously, if she was 20 I'd think she was drunk. She's quite entertaining.

We took family pictures yesterday. Have you ever tried to keep seven children under the age of six happy for an hour? Wow. The photographer finally got the kids to pay attention (mostly) by bouncing a rubber basketball off his head and saying "Ow!" My nephew Jace laughed and laughed until he was practically rolling on the ground. Which didn't really work for the picture. Sadly, I didn't go with my gut instinct when I got ready and ended up HATING the picture. So if any of you think the picture's going to end up on here....think again!!!


Jenny said...

Show the pictures!

Cousin Family said...

Rachel- you actually looked great in that picture!!!