Sunday, January 2, 2011


Well, I'm sitting in the SLC airport waiting for my delayed flight to leave for San Francisco. Since I really don't want Christmas to be over and don't want to go back to SF (although I love the city tons!), I guess I don't really have a choice. I don't want to go back to SF because things have to be different.I need my own apartment. But by April, I should have one, so that will be good. Also, I need to have some friends in SF. Like, real friends, not people I talk to every now and then at church or a party, if there's ever a party. (I miss my friends in Virginia.) The caveat to all of this is that Braden will be there, and that's the one thing I have to look forward to in going back to SF. So, in order to change things up, here are my goals:

Financial: Set up a budget and stick to it. Save. Save. Save.
Social: Be more involved in what's going on in SF and get people together to go do stuff. I'm also going to ask different guys to go do stuff. I need some good guy friends to hang out with.
Physical: Finish Insanity, lead climb more, climb outside more, and run a couple marathons, limit junk food
Spiritual: Study the life of the Savior and his teachings
Emotional: Take some classes, read some good books, practice the piano and guitar, keep myself busy with these activities or making friends with the SF people, not give myself time to think

So, now I've made myself accountable to, well, I guess to the whole world.

And, side note, there are some SERIOUSLY hot guys here at my gate! :-)


Pam said...

You're inspiring me with all your goals! I don't want Christmas to be over either. :( I'm already looking forward to next year :)

Heather said...

I know what you mean. Hannah keeps saying things like, "Christmas Eve is coming!" and "Look it's Santa's sleigh." I say, "Yes, Christmas Eve is coming.. in about a year. Taking down decorations just isn't as fun as putting them up. Excellent goals by the way. I have a lengthy list myself. I hope I can keep at least half of them.