Friday, January 18, 2008

I was sitting in my room tonight not feeling well. Not feeling well enough to go do something fun but feeling well enough to know how well I wasn't feeling and that I was bummed about not being able to go do something fun. As I was sitting there feeling sorry for myself, I heard people out in the living room and that only made me feel more depressed because I was in my pajamas and so I wasn't sure I should go out and say hi. Finally, in a desperate fit of frustration, I got on the internet (my laptop was on my ... well, on my lap) and I typed in It's an actual website. Who knew!

In other news, I get to help work on another PSA. I love television production! I think it's so fun! We're making a PSA to enter into a contest about internet safety.

In further news, I've decided to post my pictures that I took while we were cross country skiing over Christmas. The "model" in the pictures is my sister. She was having a great time "modeling" for me. Enjoy!

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