Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Sewing update

I've been meaning to update my blog for a few days now. But the problem is that every time I sat down to update it, I didn't know what to write. But today was really exciting because I figured out how to put the sleeves on the tent (which is actually beginning to resemble a dress!). I've been trying to figure this out for days. Finally today I "hemmed" the lining around the sleeves and then just put the sleeves on the dress part of the dress. (I've been trying to figure out how to sew the sleeves between the lining and the dress. The teacher was gone so I have no idea if what I did will work. I'll find out tomorrow. I have a confession, though. I cheated. After I had unpicked one of the sleeves three times, when I realized that it still didn't look right, I turned the dress back inside out, just sewed it to look right, and left it that way. I have no idea how it will actually look when it's on. I'm kind of scared to try it on. Maggy is convinced that it fits me since we tailored it down, but I'm not so sure. Maggy said to me today, "I think you should leave it sleeveless and just put a sweater over it." I don't think Maggy understands that I'm willing to learn to sew because I'm tired of putting a sweater on over everything I wear. (As a side note, it's a lot easier to shop at home. Things are a lot more modest where I come from. Anyway...) I have to learn how to do these sleeves so that I can put sleeves on clothes I find that are sleeveless and I just want to tailor a little. Once I kind of got the sleeves on, I sewed the back of the dress together. This was after I unpicked both sides where the lining and the dress were sewn together. I really wish I knew why the pattern said to sew the dress and lining together and then had me unpick it later. That just doesn't make any sense! Anyway, tomorrow I'll sew the lining together and then put the zipper in. I wonder if Maggy expects me to wear this dress. It's sure looking scary!

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