Monday, November 17, 2008


Today was my first day working at Sarah's Candy Cottage in Idaho Falls. (If you're ever in IF, check out Sarah's. They make really good chocolate and they give out free samples. But beware, you might get hooked!) I got to make candy bars today. Crazy, huh? I'm working at Sarah's for the Christmas season. I felt like I was in the movie "Chocolat" - minus Johnny Depp, sadly. It was so fun! Hopefully it will be fun throughout the entire holiday season!! I had on my little apron and I was pouring and stirring chocolate then I trimmed off the edges because I overpoured so many of the bars. Ooops! They forgave me, though, since it was my first day. Hopefully tomorrow I'll do much better.


Heather said...

Rach! That sounds fabulous. Maybe they'll fly Johnny in for a Christmas surprise. Wouldn't that be great. I mean I know you've met him twice already, but once more couldn't hurt.

Love, Heath

Rachel Cousin said...

I kept hoping Johnny would show up but he never did. He was probably just so busy with Christmas! :-) Your mom and Dennis are here. It's great to see them. I wish I could see you!!