Monday, April 26, 2010


I love airports. I don't love bathroom doors that swing inward when you have luggage with you 'cause then it's really hard to get in and out of the stall. Well, more out than in, I guess. But I still love airports. Mostly because I love flying and being in an airport means I'm going somewhere cool. I also want to get my pilot's license. I hear it's very expensive. But wouldn't that be cool?! I think I need to make it happen. At least, I need to find out what it takes. In completely unrelated news, I'm discovering the wonderful, blissful joy of communication. Of resolving things. Of handling your business. The problem is, I'll let something build up and not say anything and it makes me super tired and then I finally break down and say something, and then I feel way better. And totally exhausted! Like I just want to lie down on the nasty floor I'm sitting on and sleep. When the stress starts to dissipate, I realize just how truly tired I am. Then I realize why I had such a hard time with my long run. Not that a long run is easy, anyway. But it doesn't need to be harder. So, now that I've communicated and promised to find an answer to my concern, I wonder what the response will be. Hmmm...well, I have three days to figure it out!

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