Tuesday, April 20, 2010

A quiet evening at home

I'm sitting at home waiting for the dishwasher to finish washing the dishes. I hope it actually cleans them this time. This is the second round with the new dishwasher. I think the problem is that the hot water in this house runs out after about fifteen minutes. Which totally messes up my long, relaxing showers. :( I'm also waiting for the dishwasher to finish so I can wash the cake pan so I can make a cake. I'm going to make a cake because I have a ton of leftover frosting. And I need something to put it on so I won't eat it all. ha ha - I've always said it, the cake is just there for the frosting. I also want to climb and Steve is in Arizona and I wish he were here because I didn't realize how much climbing relaxes me. I love it! But I can't climb without my belayer. :( Steve, hurry up and come home! In totally unrelated news, my walls are totally bare and I need to hang up some pictures. But I don't know what pictures I want to hang up. Well, I guess I'll go work out so I can go to bed early. I can't wait for Thursday afternoon to get here! I just have to get through Wednesday and Thursday morning. I can do it!

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