Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Eagle (and a non-related bull moose)

Last night my friend Tyler and I were driving down Chena Hot Springs road and we saw this bull moose just hanging out doing his thing.

Another shot of Bullwinkle

I wish my camera took clearer pictures when it's on zoom.

Here is my tour director from this past trip, Jimmy. He was cool. He told us to bring our cameras because he had a special picture for us to take. The rumor was that he was going to moon us. I'm glad he didn't. :)

I'm so lucky because I get to drive the Taylor Highway. It's a beautiful 160 mile drive from Tetlin Junction on the Alaska Highway into Eagle. The first 60 miles are paved (mostly) and then from about milepost 60 at Chicken on into Eagle, it's all a dirt road. It's absolutely beautiful and it's my favorite drive in the whole world. I've included pictures of some of the spots we see. This picture is from Polly Summit.

Picture from Polly Summit

The road is so narrow and windy that we have a pilot truck that takes us from Chicken to Eagle and from Eagle to Chicken. Robin is the pilot car driver and he's REALLY cool.

Here is the fireweed from the Taylor. Fireweed is the plant that grows first in an area where there has been a fire, hence the name. The picture doesn't even begin to do justice to the brilliance of the color of the fireweed. Of course, it was cloudy and had just hailed, so we didn't get the sun to bring out the colors.

Another shot of the Oglivie Mountains from Polly Summit.

One of my favorite pictures from Polly. I love this view!

This is the road we drive and the spot where we pull off. The women's bathroom is on the coach and the men's bathroom is to the right. :)

Here is living proof that I do actually drive the motorcoaches. Matt was kind enough to take pictures of me driving so I could prove it. :)

More proof

Here's Matt helping his passengers off the motorcoach. (This is also Matt getting a boatload of money in tips!!) This is what I also do when my passengers get off the coach, but since I couldn't get a picture of me doing it, Matt had to fill in. What a good sport! :)

Look it's me on the motorcoach!! My hair is in pigtails because we leave at 6 am and so I already had to get up at 3 am. I go on the clock at 4:30 to pretrip and load luggage.

My seat

My passengers' seats

The gray line van in front and the bluff which I have never climbed but REALLY want to! I thought I would climb it on Thursday, but Matt isn't paralleling with me anymore because he had to go rescue passengers yesterday. :( Sad for me.

My motorcoach in Eagle. I love driving these things and I love driving this road!!!

The Yukon Queen - This is the boat that takes the passengers I dropped off down the Yukon River to Dawson City in Canada. This is also the boat that brings me my passengers from Canada that I then take down the Taylor highway. I love the Taylor!

Here is a shot of the Taylor Highway. Power to the Taylor!! I love this road (in case you hadn't caught on to that).

This is the Hard Rock Cafe. This is where we used to stop for lunch on our way into Eagle.

This is also where I got stuck briefly and it scared me to DEATH!

The Taylor

Nancy, this picture is for you. This is a shot of the "Top of the World" highway that leads from the Taylor into Canada and Dawson City. We only drive this if for some reason we can't get into Eagle.

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