Thursday, July 26, 2007

My best Eagle tour EVER!!

My last Eagle tour was the best one I've ever had, hands down, without question. Mike and I were paralleling and we had a blast and then on my run out of Eagle (Eagle to Tok to Fairbanks) I had the coolest Tour Director I've ever met. We got along really well. His name is Matt. He would juggle for the people as we were getting on and off the coach. He was relaxed and fun. We'd sit and quote Jerry Seinfeld's "I'm Telling You for the Last Time" and laugh. So, Matt and I got along GREAT and then Mike and I were playing jokes on each other the whole run. Like when we were in Eagle getting ready to leave and there was a line of 8 women to use the women's restroom and there was no one in the men's. The restrooms are identical and so I said to the women in front of me "Wouldn't it be a good idea to use the men's and help move the line along? I think I'm going to do it." The lady next to me said, "I'll let any men that come along know you're in there. I said "Thanks" and headed off to the bathroom. Well, I hadn't been in there too long when I hear this nice lady who's got my back say "Oh, don't go in there. There's a lady in there." I hear Mike say, sounding a little confused, "Oh, there's a lady in there?" The woman replied, "Yes, it's the other driver." Mike, with a mischievous tone said, "Oh, it's the other driver." Suddenly I hear a grating sound and then the bathroom goes pitch black. Of course, I start yelling (and laughing because he got me pretty good) and then a few seconds later, the door opens again. He told his people and I told my people and they thought it was a great joke. That was how the whole run went. We had such a great time. It showed. Our guests had a fantastic time because we were having so much fun. I hope that my run tomorrow is just as much fun.
We tried to get a picture of the rainbow that we saw as we left Tok. It was the most amazing rainbow I've ever seen. We saw one end of it in the trees and then as we came around the corner, we saw it arch above us and end just to the right of the road. I wish I could have captured it. It was stunning.
Here's me at the end of my long day of touring. :)

This is hanging in our rooms in Tok. It's cute.

I thought I would share with you the lush accommodations they provide us with in Tok.

Two beds - just for me! (Do you like the conveniently placed scriptures - looks like I actually read 'em, doesn't it!! :) )

This is a shot of the inside of the bar in Chicken. You wouldn't believe what is hanging on the walls and ceiling here.

These old cars are inside one of the buildings in Eagle. I'd never seen them before.

I thought they were pretty cool.

Here's a shot of the old airfield in Eagle. It was built for military use.

Token shot of my motorcoach. :)

See? It really is an airfield.

Another shot of the airfield - and I think Eagle is pretty.

Here's where the old cars are housed. This is part of Fort Egbert.

I love the fireweed!!

I still love the fireweed!

I can't get enough of the fireweed. :)

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