Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For the record

For those of you that have been reading my blog, I'm proud to announce that the tent is finished!! It's at the dry cleaners right now being pressed and I'm hopefully going to pick it up this afternoon. (According to Maggy, having it pressed will give it a nice professional look. She's so excited that I've actually made something that I didn't have the heart to tell her that I don't think even having the tent pressed will save it. The poor thing is beyond anyone's help.) Once I have it, I'll take pictures so you can see the results of my time spent in the torture chamber (or in other words, in front of a sewing machine). No, I'm not any fonder of sewing than I was when I began this little adventure. However, I am motivated to continue sewing for a few reasons: 1) God really seems to want me to do it and I've learned that he always gets his way in the end so I may as well give in now. 2) I've had something to do at work. 3)On a church listserve, a guy posted a need for a good seamstress or tailor and I realized that if I get good at this, I can make some serious money! I didn't learn this just from this guy's post but also from a previous experience where I had to drop $160 at a tailor shop to get a dress to the point I could wear it. (And all we had to do was put on sleeves.) That doesn't include the second dress I had to buy so I would have material to tailor the first dress. Oh yes, and let me clarify that my abhorrence for all things sewing does NOT extend to you paying me two hundred bucks to put sleeves on your dress or take in your waistband. For the record. :-)

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