Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I realize that it's been a few days since I've posted anything on my blog - and quite frankly it's because I haven't had anything interesting or exciting to write about. Unfortunately, I still don't have anything interesting or exciting to blog about but when I look at other people's blogs I like to see new posts, even if they're not filled with earth-shattering news. So I decided to write about the mundane (or not so mundane) things going on in my life. This week is a little crazy. We have our "let's make fun of valentine's day but in a fun way" party on Friday. I admit that I'm a little worried that people will think we're taking Valentine's Day seriously. We're not. It amazes me how uptight people get about Valentine's Day. It seems to me that if it's a day to celebrate love, well, there are lots of people in my life that I love but that I'm certainly not in love with. I love my friends and family, of course, and Valentine's Day is a perfect day to let them know. I think Valentine's Day should just be fun and filled with lots of candy - especially chocolate - and fun parties and telling people that you care about them. Valentine's Day should just be a fun day. So on Friday we're going to have a party to let all of our friends know that we care about them. I still have to finish coloring in cupid and we have signs to make, cookies to bake, lights to hang, and music to choose. And we have one day to get this all done in. Tomorrow is Institute and Emma's birthday and so tomorrow evening is gone. That leaves Thursday. Actually, we have Ultimate on Thursday but I think we're just going to have to miss it, as sad as that is.

Anyway, enough party stuff. I voted today. I'm so proud of myself! I got my little "I voted" sticker and proudly wore it from McLean High School to my house and no one saw it but I was proud of it anyway. I'm always excited when I vote because I realize that it's a real blessing to be able to choose the leaders of your country and because I'd rather sit at home and read a book on days when it's raining ice but I made myself go vote anyway.

That leads me to the traffic. I'm sorry for anyone and everyone that has to drive at rush hour here. Tonight it was even worse. The rain/ice was slowing everything down. I admit, it was slick, but it was also frustrating to have a ten minute drive turn into a forty minute commute. I'm just hoping that it will freeze out on the western edges of the county and at least get the schools a two hour delay. :)

Well, it's late so I'm off to take my ambien, drink my chamomile tea, and go to bed.

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