Monday, September 29, 2008

Borrowing from Darin

I was reading through Darin's blog and reading through his lists of things that must go. I was thinking about things that must go while I was sitting in the airport this weekend. I came up with two things that must go:
1) People rushing up to the counter and hovering like buzzards over a kill to board the plane. People, it's assigned seating. You're going to get a seat. This isn't Wal-Mart on Black Friday. You're going to get on the plane. Chill. Yes, let's hurryupreallyfastto
2) People rushing to get OFF the plane. First, I must qualify this because if you have a tight connection you have a very real and validated need to hurry off the plane. However, that's the only reason to be knocking people over trying to get off the plane. If you need a bathroom, you should be heading towards the back, not the front, of the plane. And why didn't you go while the plane was in flight? Again, folks, they won't ALLOW you to stay on the plane. You're going to get off the plane so relax. Standing up and glaring at the person next to you only makes you somewhat of a schmuck. It won't make them let you off any sooner. If anything, it will make them want to move slower and hold you up because you're being a jerk.

So there you go. My list of two things that must go!


tara said...

hey girl! pics from our play day are here:

and there are some good ones! so glad we got to hang out while you were in town:)

Just us! said...

I totally agree with you on the people rushing on and off the plane.