Tuesday, September 9, 2008


So, after loads of drama, I went out on the last run of the season. I got to go to Kate and Andy's cabin at Calico Bluff. We'd been talking all summer long about me going to see the cabin. They're moving there permanently at the end of the week. I can understand why. It's absolutely beautiful! So, we made the trip happen on my last run. It was so fun! We went down Friday night and stayed until Saturday morning. It was amazing to wake up and watch the sun come up over the mountain and light up the hills and trees. It's very rustic and beautiful. In fact, it's so rustic you can imagine my surprise when I mentioned that I needed to use the restroom. I figured the bathroom would be an outhouse and it was. The surprise came when I went around to the front of the outhouse ... and there wasn't a door! No door at all! I was so glad it was dark - especially since Andy was outside checking on his sled dogs. Oh my! It was a little more awkward the next morning when Andy was outside and it was light! At least I knew what to expect that time. So, here are a few pictures. I just wish they captured how beautiful it really was.

Here is the garden at Andy and Kate's cabin

Here is the view from Andy and Kate's cabin

Calico Bluff

Calico Bluff

Two swans taking off of the Yukon River

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