Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Finally ... a new post!

Yes, I admit it. I have been slacking in the blogging department. In my defense, I'm running at about 80 hours right now, which is what we're allowed by law. So it's been a crazy busy super fun summer. It's actually turned into Fall now. Supposedly the northern lights are out. I guess I should go check since i can't sleep. I might as well check it out. I'll go do that after I post this blog. My cousin Heather and my sister - in - law Amy are actually my inspirations for blogging. (Oh joy. I can feel my cold medicine kicking in. This may end up being a very short post.) Anyway, let me move on to the interesting stuff: pictures. I have pictures to post of some of my experiences this summer. I haven't posted as much because I posted so much last summer and I've been doing the same tour this summer that I did last summer. I'm scheduled to go to Prudhoe Bay in about a week and bring a coach back so hopefully that will happen and I'll be able to get some pictures there. Anyway, here are a few pictures for your viewing pleasure.

Oh yes, and I'm writing all this from my new computer. My old one is going to my sister as soon as I can get all my old pictures and music off it.

So, by way of introduction, here is my latest adventure: Jake's flat tire on the Richardson highway in Salcha. So, Jake and I were paralleling from Fairbanks to Eagle. We were both deadheading so fortunately we had empty coaches (no guests). We were picking up groups in Eagle and doing tours back to Fairbanks. This adventure happened while we were deadheading, thank goodness!!

Where the tire should have been

This is how it should look

Okay, so Jake cracked the lug nuts, removed the tire, and pulled the spare out. The lug nuts take all my weight to crack and the tires weigh 200 pounds. He threw them around like it was nothing. It was really sexy. Hey, I'm only human.

That crack on the side of the tire? That shouldn't be there.

It took some convincing, but Jake finally agreed to pose for a picture. The guy's hot...what can I say?


Lex said...

Oh gosh, Rach I miss you and your stories!!! Will you be back in Virginia for the winter? I hope so, I will be and we still have a party to throw! (Everytime I play majong I think of you!) ;)

Anne said...

yes he is!

come back soon pleeeeeeaaaaaaaase!!

Heather said...

I don't know how I inspired you because you were the one who inspired me to blog. I think the northern lights sounds awesome! Seriously, I'm jealous, but happy for you that you got to see them. Was it better than Brother Bear? j/k Love ya, Heath