Friday, March 28, 2008

Buckingham Palace

Ready to be impressed? I thought we had a lot of traditions and big buildings in DC. I stand corrected. Buckingham Palace is HUGE. I couldn't fit it into one picture - not even standing across the street! It's very grand and elegant. I liked being here and seeing it. Some important people drove in while I was there so we had to wait to cross the street while whatever VIPs were pulling into the palace driveway/parking lot.
The gates the lead you onto the grounds of Buckingham Palace.
St. James Park borders the grounds of Buckingham Palace.
Buckingham Palace
The gates that would actually allow you to approach the Palace.
The guys that will shoot you if you try to approach the palace.
The cool statue atop the cool monument across the street but still on the grounds of Buckingham Palace.
The Queen's Flag, I believe. If I understood correctly, this flag is flown when the Queen is at Buckingham Palace. If she is away, they fly the regular British flag. Kind of like a flag is flown over the White House if the President is there and isn't if he's away. Funny how many of our traditions have survived our long separation from England.

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