Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Castle Museum

A city street
A popcorn stand
A really cool bike
A really cool carriage
An old fashioned school room
This cake is a copy of the cake that was done for someone's coronation, I think. But I can't remember who's coronation it was. Anyway, the cake is amazing.
A city street
Another street
It was fun to walk around the museum and see these replicated streets from the 1700s.
Articles from WWII
A tribute to Jane Austen
No, seriously, she's even mentioned on the placard along with Pride and prejudice. The military uniform is reminiscent of Lydia's "regimentals."
Another dress from that time period
Punch and Judy
The museum started a collection of artifacts from the 1960's. It started the day I went to the museum so I got some pictures of the displays. Dave, this bike's for you.
Megan, I made sure to get a picture of the clothing just for you.
Check out the TV! No flatscreen HD monitors then!
I'm grateful for modern appliances.
Check out the Kitchenaid. Cool. Actually, I don't think it was a Kitchenaid, but I don't remember which brand it was.
The museum did replicas of different jobs/shops people would have had back in the day.
Another profession
Still another profession
I liked this display about the Beatles. Fitting, don't you think?
Predecessors to modern handcuffs
The jail in the basement of the museum.
This is over the following jail cell. If you were condemned to die, you spent your last hours in here.
This is where the condemned would sit and contemplate the eternities.
This jail cell would hold one man. Barely.
The mock jail cell that was part of the mock city in the earlier pictures.

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