Monday, March 3, 2008

Spring break

I'm officially excited. I go to England next week! Next week!! I can't believe it! I have been reading "The National Geographic Traveler: Great Britain" (thank you Mike!) and learning about the area, the culture, the history, the places to eat, and other important bits of information. I don't want to get there and be clueless about the history of the area. I don't want to walk by something and by chance snap a picture and have someone say "What!? You didn't stop there?! But that's Buckingham Palace!" And when I go to Buckingham Palace or London Bridge or the Tower of London or any other myriad of places I can visit while I'm there, I want to know what happened and why it's important. So I've been doing some research, which is pretty amazing since I don't like to read anything that I'm not just reading for fun. I love to learn - but I love to learn by going somewhere and seeing or doing something, not by just reading about it. So, I've been breaking out of the mold and reading for information and not just for fun. And I'm learning a lot. For instance, I've decided to take everyone's advice and eat at the pubs. Okay, so I was planning on doing that before I read about them, but now I'm even more convinced. I want to try something very "British" while I'm there. I'll definitely have fish and chips with salt and vinegar. For me, the fun of visiting someplace is trying the native foods. *Side note: Why oh why does the girl that gives the afternoon announcements have to SHOUT them and make us all go deaf?* Thank goodness, she's done. Anyway, I must get back to my research but I'm so excited that I had to blog about it! :-)

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