Friday, March 28, 2008

England 2008

*Drum roll please* Ta dah! Finally, I have posted my pictures and videos from England. As you'll see, I had an AMAZING time! I loved every day. I miss it and I wish I were still there. The people are so thoughtful and considerate. The food is excellent. The sites are incredible. I think I spent my week there in awe. It was an incredible experience. I've divided my trip up into various posts. I started with my videos. I'll tell you now that the videos, unfortunately, aren't that interesting. I usually took them somewhere where I either couldn't really commentate or the wind was blowing to loud for me to be heard. They can also be a little shaky because it was usually windy when I was taking video and so I don't want anyone to get queasy. After the videos the posts begin with London and take you through all the major places I visited. I've tried to post mostly in chronological order. There's also a post at the end that is completely unnecessary since it was meant as an introductory post but it's at the end. Yeah, I'm still learning how to do this blogging thing. Anyway, enjoy the pictures and thank for letting me share my trip with you!

I'd like to thank my friends and family for being excited for me and allowing me to talk about this trip almost non-stop since I booked my ticket back in January or February.

I'd like to thank Jan for allowing me to interrupt her life for almost a week. She's a grad student working toward a second masters and a PhD. She probably didn't really have time for a visitor but she was kind, gracious, generous, and fun. I couldn't have done this trip without her!

I'd like to thank Rick Steve who's book led and guided me through my flight to London, through London, and my flight back to the US. Whenever I had a question, Rick had an answer.

Finally, I'd like to thank the Brits for their consideration, thoughtfulness, politeness, good food, marvelous history, and uber-cool country.


Cousin Family said...

okay- so i am so stinking jelous!!!! Your trip seems like it was awesome!!! I want to go back and visit Europe. We need to plan a trip there together!!!!! I am so about staying at hostels ( I will even risk the naked guys for the cheap room)!!!!

We miss you!!!

Erik, dani and the kiddos=)

Rachel Cousin said...

Yes, we definitely need to plan a trip there! That would be so fun! I'm glad you're all about the hostels. They're so worth saving the money!

I miss you too!


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