Friday, March 28, 2008


I took some video while I was in England. The first video is our bus ride back to York from Whitby. It had rained in Whitby but it had snowed up on the moors. The second video is of Whitby Abbey. You can hear the wind in the video. The third video is the drive to Whitby. The fourth video is on the moors at Haworth. You can hear the wind in that one as well. And I'm in that one (Brian) as proof that I really was in England! :-) The fifth video is a girl singing on the town square in York. The sixth video is traffic in London. I took it to prove that they drive on the left. I couldn't get over that. Now, honestly, these videos aren't that interesting as I didn't feel I could give commentary because I was on a bus or you couldn't hear me because of the wind. They can also be a little shaky because of the wind so if that will make you queasy, I want you to be forewarned.

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Mike and Janie said...

How fun! Breathtaking views!