Friday, March 28, 2008

Hyde Park

So, on Sunday night I went to Hyde Park. I really wanted to see Speaker's Corner. Hyde Park was actually one of my favorite sites in London because of all the history associated with my church and its growth and missionary efforts. I spent a little time just hanging back and watching everyone interacting and sharing their thoughts and beliefs. I pondered all the amazing people who had done missionary work and changed people's lives at the spot I was standing on. It was a real privilege to me to be able to be there.
This is Speaker's Corner.
This is a view of Hyde Park. I tried to get the people playing football (which would be soccer for us Americans) but they didn't show up very well because it was dusk at this point.
This is a view a little further away of Speaker's Corner.
This is a pond in Hyde Park.
This picture is kind of dark but these are ducks. I'd never seen ducks that look like these before. All I'd ever seen were Mallard ducks so I had to get a picture of these.
This garden was much, much, much, much prettier in real life. But it is still pretty, even in a picture taken at dusk.

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