Tuesday, March 25, 2008


On my last day in England, Jan and I went to Whitby on the North Sea. Whitby is a charming (I know, I know, everything in England is charming) village nestled in the hills. A river runs through it (hee hee - that was actually totally unintentional) and empties into the ocean. The weather this day was WINDY. I mean windy like I've never seen before. I've been in a hurricane and the wind wasn't as bad as it was in Whitby last Friday.

Notice how far it is to Malton.
Homes like the ones in BBCs Pride and Prejudice.
Wait, which side should I be on?
North Yorkshire Moors National Park

There are quaint towns and villages scattered all throughout the English countryside.
If I could, I would move to the English countryside.
Obviously, I was loving the view out of the bus window on our way to Whitby.
Heather in bloom. This is what grows wild on the moors.
Jan and I walked around the art museum in Whitby. Stones like this one were arranged in a circle on the grounds of the museum. There were different designs carved in the stones.
This is the view of Whitby on the Abbey side of the river.
The North Sea. The wind was so strong we could lean back in it and it would hold us up. When Jan and I walked out toward the tip of the headland up by the Abbey, the wind started blowing us toward the edge of the cliff. At first it was funny, but then I started getting scared when I realized the wind was stronger than I was. Jan caught me and we huddled together and made our way back to the Abbey. That might be why the sea frightened me.
This is St. Mary's church, I think. I'm not entirely certain that's the name of the church. But aren't the flowers pretty? Too bad they were hailed on a few minutes after I took this picture!
The Abbey ruins
The Abbey ruins and Jan taking a picture.
The Abbey ruins
The Abbey ruins
These fine little fellows were just lounging about as though it were a hot, sunny summers day. They're brave little souls. Sounded like, from listening to the museum guides, that these little ducks are quite famous. They sell little duck statues in the gift shop. I didn't buy one because I had this great picture.