Tuesday, March 25, 2008

York Minster

This is York Minster. It is at the center of town and makes an excellent landmark which is really good because it saved me from getting lost on my first day in York. The Minster is a beautiful building. In addition to the main floor there is a crypt in the basement but you can't take pictures down there, which is a real shame because there's some amazing stuff down there.

This is York Minster from the outside.
This is York Minster from the inside.
One of the beautiful stained glass windows.
This is a row of kings.
This is another view of the inside.
The stained glass windows are beautiful. I think York Minster is actually famous for its stained glass. If I remember right, it's the oldest stained glass in Europe or in England. Or both. A lot of the stained glass tells Bible stories.
Another view. There was a youth choir here while I was touring. They sang for us and it was lovely. It was weird, though. On Tuesday, while I was touring around in the Minster, I heard a dog barking. I thought it was strange because I didn't think they would allow dogs in the Minster. Turns out I was right. Well, Jan and I took a ghost tour on Wednesday night and I found out that as a joke, the workers building the minster built up the walls around their supervisor's dog. Except they forgot to go back and get the dog. The story is that the ghost of the dog is waiting for his master to come get him. Rumors have it that people have claimed to hear a dog barking in the Minster. Weird.
Another view of the inside of this beautiful building.
This is the ceiling. The have a mirror that you can look into so you don't have to crane your neck to appreciate this fine architecture. I craned my neck so I could get this lovely picture for all of you to enjoy. You're welcome. It was a pleasure.

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